Crawl Robot (Multicolor)


  • BUMP AND GO: The wheels have a special sensor. When the car drives and collides with something, the wheels will automatically turn, and the car can continue to drive well.
  • A PERFECT GIFT: Great as a birthday or festival gift. Keep your children away from computers, mobile phones, and TV, improve their coordination and thinking skills.
  • HELPS IN SKILL DEVELOPMENT: visual perception exercises to help color recognition; Helps younger children develop hand-eye coordination, in addition, it helps parents to teach about different colors and increase their visual power.


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Put 3 x AA battery ( not included ) in the robot and then turn on it, press once its head to make it awake, and play with you 2. When the eyes are deep blue, press its head again to switch it into voice control mode with green eyes, and then you can speak some simple order to control it Its eyes will turn into light blue if it gets your mean, instead, keep green if not. It will switch into free mode automatically and hang if there is no order within 10s. It will turn off automatically if there is no interaction with it. Just press its head again if you want to awake it.

Additional information

Weight 395 g
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 8 cm


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