OZ STORE Flying Disc Pack of 1


  • made up of virgin plastic material, even if we fold it would not break.
  • Dimensions diameter 9 inches, Toss and Spin these Flying Discs, made in India
  • Color may vary will be sent according to availability. the hands of kids wouldn’t hurt while catching the disc
  • bright colors, color based on the availability
  • very good throw and flight this flying disc attains, frisbee flying disc, Frisbee flying disc, Frisbee flying disc for kids, Frisbee for dogs, Frisbee flying disc set, Frisbee for kids, Frisbee flying,  flying disc for kids, flying disc, Frisbee flying disc for dogs.

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Nice Outlook and Comfortable Grip Feeling, The edge of the flying disc is smooth and have certain thickness, which give disc players a comfortable grip feeling, it is perfect for spontaneous play indoors or out. Perfect for any beach, pool, park or just game outside the house.

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 32 × 15 × 8 cm


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