PEERO HOT Sauce , Mint 60 gm (1 Bottle)


This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Hot Sauce from Sikkim, Gangtok (1st Organic State)
  • Indian Start-Up, SHO Levels 3 Lakhs+
  • HOT Sauce not OUR, Use is your imagination
  • Cuisine: Indian, Continental, Italian, Thai, Mexican
  • 1 Glass Bottle of PEERO HOT SAUCE 60gm. Each

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Vinegar, Cherry Pepper, Garlic Powder, Salt, Acidity Regulator Acetic Acid (INS 260) Emulsifier and Carrageenan (INS 407), Xanthan (INS 415) Antioxidant Ascorbic Acid (INS 300) Sodium Benzoate (INS 211) and Spice & Con Diments Extract.

All Flavours of Peero HOT Sauce

peero hot sauce chilly garlic mint timbur mexican culantro peero sauce peero

1. We blaze your taste buds with a Hot Pepper Chilly Sauce by the name of Peero.

2. In Nepali Peero means HOT like TIKHO In Rajasthani.

3. We source the chilies for Peero from Sikkim, The first and only Organic State in the country.

4. These chilies are grown by Villagers in the mountains. The purchase of the sauce will go a long way in helping many other small families from whom we source are chilies.

5. This is one of the hottest sauce available. Its heat gradually fades away so you won’t be needing water and milk.

6. Usually grown in Sikkim and regions of Darjeeling, Dalle Khursani belongs to the Capsicum family and is known to be amongst the most extreme in terms of heat. When fully ripen, this bright red-round-cherry-sized ball spices up all the taste buds it comes into contact with.

7. The Chilly is fermented in barrels for more than a year and only the outer pulp is used in this process which gives it a unique taste.

8. You pour a few drops on all kinds of cuisine from Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and Continental. You can also use it with all snacks from the Tandoor to Mo-mos, Samosas and Kachoris.

Sikkim: 100% Organic State

In 2016, Sikkim became India’s first “100 percent organic” state. Today, all farming in Sikkim is carried out without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, providing access to safer food choices and making agriculture a more environment-friendly activity.

Weight Loss and Chili


Chilly doesn’t just heat up your mouth, the spicy hotness of a chili pepper also kick-starts your body’s fat burners.

Several studies have been conducted to find out how and why consuming chilies can lead to weight loss. The findings have pinpointed capsaicin, the active ingredient of chili, as the reason to burn fat more quickly.

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