Toykraft: Balveer & The Evils of Bhayankar Pari – Children Board game based on SAB TV’s Balveer for 8 year & above


  • Game Objective – Players need to re-conquer Pari Lok by defeating Pari Bhayankar and reaching the Rani Mahal. During this journey, players earn points on reaching milestones and the players with maximum points wins.
  • Game Scenario Bhayankar Pari has escaped from prison and now seeks revenge! She, along with her minion Tauba Tauba, has wreaked havoc on Pari Lok by capturing Rani Pari and is on her way to attack Rani Mahal. The Rani Pari beckons players to rise as potential Baalveers to be and use the powers of the 7 Paris to defeat the evil forces of Bhayankar Pari and save Rani Mahal from destruction.
  • Contents: Game Board: 1 Paristhiti Cards: 30 Prashna Cards: 30 Baalveer Jadooi Dand Card: 1 Pari Cards: 43 Pari Shakti Reference cards: 6 Dice: 1 Cutout pawns: 6 Tokens (Hero points): 15 Pawn bases: 9 Instruction manual
  • Gameplay The game is divided into 4 phases and players earn Hero points on freeing Rani Pari, acquiring Maha Pari Shastra, Imprisoning Pari Bhayankar, and reaching Rani mahal. During this course in each phase, they have to answer questions and perform actions, collect Pari cards, and use the all-important Balveer Trump Card. The player with the maximum Hero points qualifies to win as Baalveer!

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Baalveer is based in Pari lok where numerous fairies reside.

The fairies – Aarpaar Pari can make a person travel through any object, Vijdhaar Pari has the power of electricity and can transfer that current to save people, Baal Pari can use her hair like a web or a rope to throw/catch/trap things, Gaal Pari can blow a large bubble which acts as a transparent cushion, Atkhati Pari can make anyone freeze or stop, Bhatkati Pari can create illusions to make people wander around and Natkhat Pari has unusual and naughty powers. Endowed with these Pari powers, Baalveer helps children like Manav and Meher in fighting against their fears. Baalveer comes as a saviour for Manav – Meher and fights against all the odds in their lives.

Pari Lok is headed by Rani Pari who holds the combined power of all the fairies. Amongst these fairies is also Baalveer who is blessed and Dooba Dooba a happy dwarf.

Like other fairy tales naturally there are evil fairies as well, Pari Bhayankar is an evil Pari living in Bhayankar lok. She is prohibited from entering in Parilok, due to her evil ways. Her only aim is to conquer Parilok and harm all the children. Tauba Tauba is an evil dwarf who has joined hands with Pari Bhayankar.

39734-Balveer & The Evils of Bhayankar Pari 3


Age-group: 5 yrs and above

3-6 players


Game board

Pawns – 6

Dice – 1

Pari cards –

Activity cards –

Trivia cards –

Baalveer Jadui Dand card – 1

Rani Pari cards – 4

MahaPari shastra cards- 4

Pari Bhayankar cards- 4

Rani Mahal cards- 3


39734-Balveer & The Evils of Bhayankar Pari 2

The current scenario in the game :

Pari Bhayankar has finally succeeded in conquering Parilok. She has imprisoned Rani Pari and is set to harm all the children on earth. Baalveer along with the 7 Paries has embarked on a journey to re-conquer Pari Lok.

In this game all players are potential Baalveers-to be and compete with one another to win Hero points. The player who has the maximum Hero points at the end of the game becomes the Super Hero!

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